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Budget Series – Post #4

April 15, 2020

Budget post 4 of 6 – a great article with 11 REAL ways to improve your financial life! Budgeting is not a “set it and forget it” thing… it is something you consciously work through in every phase of life. 👶👦👨👨‍🦳👴
Read the Article Here: 11 ways to get in better financial shape in 2020
We’d like to expand with a few more little known tips:
– Check your credit at least once a year. Check your CHILDREN’S credit at least once a year…fraudsters can get personal data and open accounts in minor’s names and you might never even know! 🤯
– 1️⃣ out of every 3️⃣ American Households owes at least $16,048 in credit card debt! This article talks about the snowball or avalanche method – keep paying down high interest debt first. It is possible! 1
– 44% of Americans say that money is their #1 cause of stress. (even more than relationships – 25% and work – 18%…) And chances are since the COVID19 pandemic, that statistic has climbed higher. This article says, “Money talks – so talk about money!” Sweeping it under the rug and ignoring finances will only cause you more heartache down the road 🧹; step up to the challenge and leverage the team of passionate people in your corner at Strategic Financial. 2

Don’t forget to access the Budgeting Worksheet link in Post 2 below!